Emotional Support Animal

New Leaf Wellness Center in Culver City

Emotional Support Animal Evaluations – $100

Emotional Support Animal I.D. Card – $25 (Optional)


If your pet provides you relief from mental disabilities, you can qualify for an emotional support animal letter. This letter will allow you to travel with your pet or live with your pet in no-pet housing complexes. Some qualifying conditions are: Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD.

Here is what to expect during your office visit:

    • You will fill out some paperwork regarding your medical history. You will also need to sign a general consent form.

    • Our board certified physician will evaluate you and your medical history to determine if you qualify for an Emotional Support Animal Letter.

    • If you qualify, the fee for the evaluation and letter is $100. We will give you a handout on how to use your Emotional Support Animal Letter. We will also give you your Emotional Support Animal Letter signed and embossed with our corporate seal.


*Please note, we do offer airline-specific forms and modified letters for housing and airlines. We charge an additional $10 per form/modified letter.

Some airlines that require an additional form include:

    • American Airlines

    • Jet Blue

    • United Airlines

    • Spirit Airlines

    • Hawaiian Airlines

    • International Flights

    • Delta


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